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Do you want to be a good dancer? Well, you've come to the right place. STEEZY has put together a 16 step guide to becoming a great dancer. Create a Choreography Find What Makes You Special Stay tuned to grow Succeed on stage Become a leader Collaborate with others Share your work Take care of your body How to be a good dancer Read on to find out. today. P.S. Are you ready to dance right now? Like RIGHT NOW? Go to STEEZY Studio, the best place for online dance lessons. There is a 10-day Intro to Dance program. This program is designed to take you step by step so that you can immerse yourself in any social setting and lay the groundwork for the other types of dance you desire. do. Click here to get your first 4 days FREE! How to dance well 1. Get inspired Whether it's your first week of dancing or your tenth year, the key to being a good dancer is your desire to be a good dancer. Remind yourself why you think dancing is fun or cool! This "reason" will keep you going whe