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Benefits of yoga

Yoga A stress buster The human race has reached its extreme level. We are just running after something...either its money or people. Have you noticed, people are being less sensitive and more frustrated and depressed. Most people are living a very unhealthy lifestyle...especially those who are working in corporate or running any kind of business. Have you ever think about that every materialistic thing after which you are running today is not going to work. What is the worth of all these things if you are not happy and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Let's do an observation of how people around you are behaving nowadays. Next time when you travel in public transport like bus or metro just analyze how many faces you see with a smiley face...without any worries...and with a pleasant gesture…. I guess very rare. You will only see most of the people are looking very depressed and some are frustrated like its a doomsday and tomorrow everything is going to be destroyed. It's

Photography Unfiltered Inspiration Unlimited

Spell-Bound Depiction… Enthrallingly, ace-Photographer RUNVIJAY PAUL makes a real fantasy, as he sees vibrant colours of life through the lens of his camera. And his simple dream of clicking pictures, successfully, come by so very professional. According to him, “One doesn’t need to tour the seven seas to click a good photograph”. A long long way from Patiala (Punjab) to Delhi, Runvijay Paul is headed for his future @ Runvijay Paul Photography.-by Harsh Anand (Director, Sensationz Media And Arts ) tête-à-tête RUNVIJAY PAUL *You are so very passionate about Photography? (do share Your passion and interest in Photography) Throughout my life from a very young age, I have always had a passion for art, it is an amazing outlet for creativity and the way I expressed my art was through photography. As a young man living in Patiala, It was time for me to go to college and decide what I was going to do in my life, turning my passion into a reality. I sought out moving to Delhi

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable

Life is all about the ups and downs Life is all about the ups and down...sometimes your life seems bright sometimes dark. When life throws you down and a point comes in your life when you lose all hopes and you can’t even imagine you would come out of the situation or not. You forget how to stand again. U have not expected such distortion will happen in your life. The human race is like that only, people behave inhumanly, you find many people around you in your life journey who will try to put you down. You have to understand people can steal your position but can't steal your talent. Ask yourself some questions The power to believe in yourself can change your life. Just think: What difference would it make in your life if you had absolutely unbreakable confidence in you to achieve anything you really put your all efforts into? What would you want and wish for? What would you dare to dream if you believe in yourself with such deep conviction that you don