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Contemporary | Dance

Contemporary joie de vivre - Silence In The Wind - In-sync - Contemporary Dance form successfully-surfaced during the commencement of 20th Century with celebrated American-French Dancer-Angela Isadora Duncan stepping-off Ballet and creating her own fresh-new natural style. by William M Cardozo Basically, Contemporary Dance incorporates various dancing styles intimately-allied with Music including Classical Ballet, jazz, Rock & Roll, Hip-Hop. Lyrical, Modern, and so on.... Fascinatingly, Contemporary is a genre of dance always full of life, wherein Dancers combine mind and body via fluid-like dance motion that’s so very flowing and sinuous. Interestingly, worldwide Dancing & Choreography pioneers - Angela Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Mercier Philip “Merce” Cunningham are the ones who broke every authoritarian in Ballet from amongst Dancers-Choreographers - Twyla Tharp, William Forsythe, Doris Humphrey Wayne McGregor, Kurt Jooss, Jérôme Bel, Anne T


You Put Your Hands In The Air Irresistibly, appealing and tempted, dancing in the sunlight - or - dancing in the moonlight means... rhythm & rhyme of our body, mind, soul, and of our lives, wherein, some dance to remember and some dance to forget. And, perchance, You dance like none’s watching and You dance like You have never-ever danced before... until the end of time. by William M Cardozo Sensationally, You do the sun dance, You do the rain dance, You do the moon dance. And, wow! a new Religion vow to bring You down to Your knees. Interestingly, a mix-and-match of styles create another pulsating-perfect style and the thorough-bred Dancer-Choreographer-Instructor-Director produces a fresh-new creative dance form. Talking about dance, primarily, dancing Your way out simply keeps You mentally and physically fit. And, You then perhaps look into professional and commercial; aspects of the area of specialization. Intrinsically, Dance is one form of Performing Art for a wholesome