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Making the world a more beautiful place with makeup

Motivated, Dedicated, kind, and professional makeup artist Navkriti found her interest in makeup and beauty at a very young age. Her passion and aptitude for beauty have been clearly apparent in her entire life. Makeup Artist Navkriti eats, sleep and breaths makeup. Always seeking perfection; her passion and enthusiasm keep her motivated to do better and experiment with new looks. As a child, Navkriti was fond of makeup and colors often experimenting in her mother’s makeup look not knowing then that makeup would be the artistic outlet she would find and pursue later in her life, professionally in her career. She left her job to follow her dreams of becoming a makeup artist. She has done a diploma in makeup and beauty. But that did not help her to improve her skills. She has always been a self-taught artist who learned makeup artistry by watching youtube tutorials of different makeup artists. The endless creativity and artistic freedom found in makeup give Navkriti plenty

Parenting In Lockdown

This lockdown has proved a challenging time for all of us. But the most affected are those who have children out there to take care of and to handle their behavior. Instead of running behind them controlling their behavior, we need to be calm and patient. Because this is not easy for them also. So try to engage them in some good activity and enjoy this time as much as you can. Teach them to learn something from this time period. There are few parenting tips that can be helpful for parents under this lockdown time. 1. Make them responsible Rather than setting up an everyday practice, instruct them to be trained. Beginning with little things like cleaning up their bed in the first part of the day to laying the feasting table for dinners, balancing clothing to dry, vacuuming bits of the house, watering plants, and so forth. Everything that causes them to feel as much liable for running the family unit as you during this time with no house helps around. 2. Bond over a hobby or

A magical makeover artist and hairstylist : Shweta Singh.

In order to look like a diva, you need to work with a diva. Make up artist Shweta Singh’s free spirited attitude, passion for beauty and tireless work ethic make her stand out as an emerging talent in the Beauty and fashion industry. Shweta’s obsession with beauty started in 2015 when she took her first step in the makeup industry. Prior to her formal education in makeup, and hairstyling, which she received from 'Ashmeen Munjal's star salon n academy', Kamla Nagar and progressed into steady climb with no looking back in makeup & hairstyling for fashion shows photo shoots. From 2015-2017 she worked as a freelancer in the makeup industry.  Now she is running a well-known and famous makeup salon named 'Shweta's makeover studio'. Shweta has amassed a long client list including many models. She has displayed her excellence at various events, such as weddings, photoshoots, modeling shoots, and  productions. Shweta's natural flair and tal

Laughter is the best medicine

It’s fun to share a good laugh, share a joke and laugh out loud. But did you ever realize that it can actually improve your health? How often have you laugh out you used to do in your your school with your friends. The kind of laugh that you used to share at that time. As we are growing older we have forgotten to be happy to smile to laugh. We are just running behind many things. And making our life more stressful and ultimately making our health worse.  Benefits of laughter It’s true that laughter is good medicine. It brings people together in a way that triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. Laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts mood. It generates a type of chemical in our body that is helpful in reducing stress. Nothing works faster to bring your mental state and body back into balance than a good and healthy laugh. Humor lightens your mood, connects you to others, keeps you focused by improving your mental health. A