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Bharatnatyam An Apt Stress Buster

Dr. Shikha Sharma proves Bharatnatyam an apt stress buster At a time when the stress of managing deadlines and achieving success is weighing on everyone’s mind, it becomes even more important to find ways to reduce stress and anxiety of work, towards finding peace despite the pressures of everyday life.  Recently, Dr Shikha Nehru Sharma, a renowned doctor turned nutrition expert, proved the traditions right and showed that dance has the same powers of healing and is also a major stress-buster.   Dr. Shikha Sharma , demonstrated how the power of dance can overcome the stresses of life with her debut Bharatnatyam performance. The occasion also saw the release of her book titled “Arangetram of Dr Shikha Nehru Sharma” Health, Stress management and Fitness via Bharatnatyam . Doordarshan’s Additional Director General and senior Indian Broadcasting (Programme) Service officer, Ms Deepa Chandra presided as the chief guest while renowned danseuse who has excelled

How nervous system affects dance ? By varun sir

Nervous System & Dance By Varun sir Varun & Preeti V. I think you are facing major problems in performing dance steps on your non-uniform motion side of your body? P. non-uniform motion? What’s that? V.  Non-uniform motion side pertains to either side of our body that’s in contrast less in use? P.  Oh... Yes! OK! Now I got it. I am not really comfortable doing things through my left body side. V. Oh, so you are a right-hander? Right? P. Yes. Yes.  I am pretty much a right-hander. V. Then the left-hand side of your body is your non-uniform motion side and is not in rhythm with your right-hand side? P. hum... Yes! But, why so? V. Because your left side of the body is not much in use as your right side is.   P. Yes. I almost do everything with my right hand. I hardly use my left. V. Yes, that’s the reason your left side is weak and right is relatively str



How To Get An Acting Job

How to Get an Acting Job Acting Auditions : Acting auditions are the big road blocks that stand between a beginning actor and the roles he or she wants. Here you’ll find help on where to find casting calls and get noticed when you submit your head-shot and resume, plus tons of audition tips on how to nail theater, TV and movie auditions. First, let’s take a look at how the acting casting process works.  1. A director or producer of a play or a movie will hire a casting director to find actors for the acting roles in their projects.   2. Casting directors will then write a breakdown of the acting roles available. This usually includes the size of the role (lead, supporting, etc.), the character’s age range, physical and psychological characteristics, plus a short bio and their role in the story. Special skills or special strengths to play the part are also included (like the ability to speak a language or cry on cue, for example). 3.