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Dream Of Fit India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched the 'Fit India Movement' and explain his views how fitness drive will lead the country towards a healthy future. Fitness has always been an integral part of Indian culture. People are nowadays indifferent about their fitness issues. Some decades ago, people would walk around 8 to 10 kilometers every day and do cycling and run regularly. Due to the advent of technology physical activity has reduced," Modi said This is really a good initiative taken by the Modi government as fitness should be the primary concern for every country. Because with a healthy body and mind people will generate more output and it will lead our country towards success. It is also important for the well-being of our country. A country’s development is based on its health ratio as well. The more healthy will be the country , the more it will develop. Physical fitness is a process of learning which modifies our behavior and can affect our daily

Internet next sensational star

Do you dream of being famous one day? Perhaps you'd like to be a singer who sells millions of records. Maybe you think it would be cool to be an actor that break all the records of the silver screen. Or you might dream of inventing the next technological gadget that takes the Internet to the next level. Remember the woman whose video singing 'Ek pyaar ka nagma hai' on the platform of a West Bengal station went viral on social media a few days back? The woman is identified as Ranu Mondal. She was a beggar. After getting a makeover later and receiving several offers for performing in reality and other singing shows gave her limelight in the showbiz industry. . Music director and singer Himesh Reshammiya was impressed with the woman's performance on the reality show and he offered her a song in his upcoming film ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’ . This is so inspiring ya...she has a lovely voice like a trained singer...And Kudos to Himesh Reshammiya for giving her an oppo

Sacred games 2 : mystery solved

Sacred games 2 : mystery solved Netflix’s first Indian original series 'Sacred Games' returned for its second season on 15 August. Let’s get one thing straight! Sacred Games Season 1 was a hit. And it had every right to be one. The wait was worth it. Sacred Games 2 is far bigger and better than the previous season. The making of Ganesh Gaitonde is so terrific and epic. Then there is Kashyap’s trademark style; he never lets you lose the temporal sense, not even for a minute. Saif Ali Khan’s Sartaj Singh has also gained a good position in his own character. Without dropping his original character yet lovable’ , he is there investigating the case at his own pace. In a way, more than Gaitonde, it’s Singh who is narrating the story. If Gaitonde tells us the crime part of it, Singh takes us through the police/government side of it and help us to understand the mystery. With a new co-director in Neeraj Ghaywan, Anurag Kashyap has returned to the fore with a more bloodth

Skin Tips from Cosmetologist Dr. Monica Kapoor

Skin tips from cosmetologist  -Dr. Monica Kapoor Celestial Cupid  Beauty streams in natural – and – it turns more beautiful when more is created on to it. Appealingly, it seems like ‘a power of silence in the wind’.   by Sucheta Anand And beautifying the whole world is something out-of-the-ordinary. The subject-matter lures & allures whilst beautiful thoughts are wonderful key ingredients to both - inner-beauty and to appreciating outer beauty. Mesmerizingly, the intensity of activation depends on personal reflection. The very-saying or prose, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is a paraphrase of a statement by Greece Philosopher Plato that’s expressed by an Irish Novelist in the 19 th Century. The correlation of beauty in the eyes of the beholder is much-much deeper than that what it looks. It sounds interesting and lovely. This is what brings in stillness in luck. We all (each and every person) have different likings of what is beautiful. Smarten

Tips and tricks by hair connoisseur Asgar Saboo

Decking-Up The Belle Of The Ball - Hair Connoisseur - ASGAR SABOO Unquestionably, “’Beauty’ lies in the Eyes of The Beholder. And all throughout the year, approaches some Festive Season – and – undoubtedly we are always prepared! Killer dress? Statement Heels? Amazing Hair? Check it out! by William M Cardozo Fear not we have the perfect how to guide on how to achieve this season’s hottest hair trend for all hair lengths: curls. With the expert advice of Celeb Asgar Saboo you are sure to be the belle of the ball. And with a repertoire of Celebrity Personality clients including Eva Longoria, Cindy Crawford, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, and more…. the specialist certainly knows the tricks of the trade. Curl like a Queen Long hair, medium or short? Ensure that you are festive fabulous with this season’s top trending hairstyle. Who better to learn from than the master himself Asgar Saboo? To achieve these 3 stunning looks see below for his how to guides. * Short Hai

Actions define Patriotism, not only words

Actions define Patriotism, not only words We all have been talking of patriotism so far, for so long time and the way we have recognized it so far or the way we have understood this phenomenon, is quite underestimating. We always misunderstood patriotism a process that is connected only with the freedom fighters, soldiers and army men who fought for the country. We tend to believe that patriotism is a responsibility that a person has to obey the nation. But here, We have to understand this term in its actual sense. Patriotism is rather that deepest gesture and feeling of contemplate, love and sentiment that a person possesses in his/her heart for the motherland. And when this deepest feeling of the greatest amount of love for the motherland is being manifested or emerged it becomes benevolent. To love is the basic nature of human beings, they possess love in their hearts and when they relate and dedicate this love for their motherland, it simply becomes ‘Patriotism’. Now i

Photography tips and tricks

Photography tips and tricks Mellow Eyes Luv Israni @ ‘Luv Israni Photography’ Ingeniously –passionate, it was unquestionably an early beginning ... with an eye for detailing.... seeing through-and-through into his lens (DSLR) he was truly-blessed with at the age of 17 by his loving Parents. by William M Cardozo And like every typical-Sindhi Father did, his Dad sent him off to the playground to Click, Capture, Fail, and learn the very art of Photography. So, he practically studied each and every plot of his trade. Now he confidently pauses and shoots his shots of a thorough-bred professional colourful Raconteur. Today, he makes his own way on, into the showground, ogling... the mesmeric business of Advertising, Fashion, Films, Entertainment, Bridals, and more.... “I let my pictures talk for me, talk of my work, talk for myself, and talk on my behalf” . Fascinatingly, as a little boy, he understood well the fundamentals of Technology, Computers, and Cameras

Article 370: The Untold Story

Article 370: The Untold Story Ever since the accession to India, the Kashmir valley has been a political challenge for the Indian Government and all previous governments. All have tried to work towards a political settlement but nothing worked. Finally, a big decision has taken for Kashmir. Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday declared in the Rajya Sabha for the revoking of Article 370, which gave special powers to Jammu and Kashmir. But the question is that is this will restore peace to the region? Well, Kashmir conflicts have always been a serious issue for India. The situation is so old and complicated that it will take many decades to bring it back to a peaceful state. This change will work but it will take a very long time with consistent efforts and organized policies and rules. Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere in the same situation. Every big change brings a tide of many big challenges but it will sur

What left behind the tide of saffron-clad kanwar yatris

What left behind the tide of saffron-clad yatris: Clogging roads and garbage The auspicious Hindu month of Shravan brings Kanwar yatra, an annual pilgrimage of lord shiva devotees. With every year Kanwar Yatra Kanwariya hooliganism makes people uncomfortable. A group of saffron-clad men, dancing to the tune of remixed Bollywood numbers at high volume even past midnight, have drawn the ire of people who consider it to be noise pollution in the name of religious processions. This common sight every night, which starts from the month of July, is the Kanwar season. It ends up creating a nuisance for commuters as well as residents. Religion is about spreading peace, not an unrest atmosphere Spreading anarchy in the name of religion, spreading unrest is not promoting religion. More than half of the Kanwar Yatris are the people who just go to spread unrest. They have no meaning with religion. It is wrong to show your reverence to God by harassing other people. Playing musi