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Politics on martyrs is a shame for our country.

Since the last four months, we all are facing this Pandemic caused by the fatal “Covid-19” virus. To give up a dramatic turn, and make the situation more tensed, we are observing some serious hindrances of Chinese in the India-China borders area. Chinese government came up with some major false blame on India about illegally constructing border facilities into Chinese territory in the Galwan Valley region. This finally resulted in a face-off between India and China in the Valley. At this time, when our country is fighting so hard with Corona pandemic, and also standing strong in front of China’s attacks, we must unite and fight together against both the problems. We should show our unity, that together we can overcome anything. But, even in this difficult time, people are not uniting, and even playing there moves in oppose. The opposition is still blaming and accusing government for their personal interests and benefits. In this week we came across one of the tweets from Congress lead

Depression is not a decision

Depression is not just a feeling but a disease. It has nothing to do with being rich and poor. Depression is a major issue that we all deal with but never speak out. No one ever knows how deep it can dig into you. It literally eats a bit of you every day. The pain of it only felt by the person who experiences it. So we should be aware of mental health as we are aware of other diseases. Be Kind Everyone you meet is battling a battle you know nothing about. So be kind to everybody around you. Teach your child to be kind to the world but at the same time tell them not to expect from the world to be kind in return. Teach them to be strong and face every situation and judgments. Lack Of Family Importance A study has shown that the most developed country USA has the 80% of its population is suffering from depression. So it clearly shows that any kind of development can not make you happy. If we take a deep check on this data, we can analyze that as we know about western culture, there is a l