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Meditation Guru Shiva - What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

Shiva Meditation - What is it and what are its benefits? Easily control your thoughts, relax and achieve a state of calm. One of the major benefits of Shiva meditation is that it helps you recreate the absolute stillness of Lord Shiva. As they say, you cannot separate meditation from Shiva and vice versa. He is regarded as the Lord of Meditation. In fact, all of his portraits depict him in a state of deep meditation. This meditation technique will help you open your third eye and make the most of your mind. This will help you control your mind and get rid of the thoughts that make you anxious. It is also said to help develop as a person and lead a meaningful daily life. Moreover, our great practitioners have called this meditation a life-changing process. In this article, we will look at what this meditation technique is, what steps it takes and what its benefits are. Keep scrolling. What is Shiva? Yoga Guru Lord Shiva Shiva - Adiyogi - The first yoga guru. According to the yogic tra

You Can Also Turn Your Premature Grey Hair to Natural Black & Can Reduce Hair Fall

Does exercise make your hair grow faster? Some exercises promote healthy hair growth by opening the scalp pores and increasing blood flow to the scalp. Exercise against hair loss also helps release essential oils in the scalp. 1 Causes of Hair Loss Losing 100 hair follicles a day is normal. Lost hair follicles are replaced by new hair follicles. Hair loss becomes a problem when the natural hair growth cycle is disrupted. Below are some reasons that cause hair loss in women. It is normal for a woman's hairline to gradually recede and her hair to become thinner. 2 Disease or Hormonal Changes Hormone changes can occur during pregnancy or after childbirth. Conditions like alopecia areata cause patches of hair loss. 3. Medications Hair loss is a side effect of taking certain medications for cancer, heart disease and depression. 4. Stress Stress can also cause hair loss, but this is a temporary event. 5. Chemicals Hair styling and chemical treatments can cause hair loss. Exercises for Ha