Tips & Career Guide for Modelling - Fashion Model (Navneet Malik)

When did you decide to choose modeling as a career and what inspired you to do so?

How I came here so I would like to say that I'm just going with the flow I'm just going with where my life is taking me I'm going with my intentions So I would suggest you just go with the intuitions go what you feel from inside you don't need to decide anything you don't need to push yourself to do something just go with the flow and you'll find the right path that's what I did I followed it because that was my whatever I wanted to achieve in my life and I was going with it and on my way, I was just meeting new people around me, and they just took me forward in my life and that's how this life works. So yeah so it was like five years back I started from Delhi and suddenly a night changed my whole life there's a long story if I'll start telling you but yeah so the first answer is just go with the flow go with your intuitions okay I followed my intuitions and that's why I'm here right now in Mumbai.


Can you highlight your most defining moment as a model?

 okay so the best part in modeling is when you start traveling and start meeting new people that's an individual it's a great learning from where you can learn the most from the people from you travel different different cities different different countries and that's what I like the most I love my work as well I like to be in front of the camera and start doing pauses and yeah so that's the best part you meet people you're just exploring things of course you're making money also like it's a like good money you can make out of it from this profession but I would suggest you don't just follow it just to see someone else follow it because if you want it then only decide that okay you want to get into it and you can achieve something out of this profession so yeah.


What is the motto of your life?

As I told you I'm just going with the flow I'm going with my intuition So I have some goals I cannot tell you guys but yeah my motto is like being happy at the same time good life yeah good life happy life okay so do something what makes you feel better in your life every day every single time and that's my motto in my life


How do you stay in shape?

So my profession is modeling so I have to be fit every time for my job so work out and eat healthy work out and eat healthy regularly that's the secret that's in your hand how you're gonna take it forward you're gonna do your in twice a week or whatever you how your body reacts so that's you know the better way how you're gonna make yourself in a particular way that okay your work won't be hampered.


What is a mistake made by people aspiring to become models?

Okay so most of the time I saw that people start following someone else okay they're following someone else's looks or their pausing or like they don't accept themselves so the first thing is accept yourself whatever you are and believe in yourself work on yourself and be the best version of yourself this is what I can suggest to you guys because I saw a lot of people around me working with me as well they just trying to being fake I don't know why they're doing that just don't do that don't be fake be original be what you are and exploring yourself don't go outside don't go don't copy anyone explore and that thing will make you a better person as well because if you gonna try something uh something real the confidence in you will be really high you're gonna stand in 10 people and you're gonna start talking about something the confidence will be on a different level So don't do that don't be a fake person just follow your intuitions follow your path and try within yourself explore yourself don't copy anyone accept yourself so acceptance is the key.


Do you believe in the saying "never forget your roots"?

Yes I can say it never ever forget yours because that is your strength your roots are your strength. Basically I'm from Haryana and I'm here in Mumbai I'm not forgetting my roots because I live there those are my roots those are like Imost of the time I spend my own time there and I have learned a lot of things and that is my strength right now if I'm gonna accept myself where I came from and what I am of course I'll groove myself I'm not saying that okay so there's two things like don't forget your roots means it doesn't mean that you you're gonna groove yourself grooming is a better thing grooming is a good thing you should groom yourself every time and you should not forget from where you came from okay this kind of attitude like people show that when they become something they start feeling okay we are we are something now no man just take it easy you came from where you should remember always and that will make you grounded always that will keep you grounded that will make people think that okay he's like a real person he is what he is okay you're not showing anything fake so just always remember don't forget your roots and be original they're the same things like I think I have answered like past two three questions so it's the same thing don't uh be fake accept yourself what you are okay groom yourself work on yourself and then become a better person that's not fake that's what like you have worked on yourself and then you became something that's a real thing okay that's yours that's not like you're copying anyone or something so just work on yourself yeah every career has a lot of struggles and hurdles.


What was your experience in overcoming them?

Okay of course every profession has its own struggle and everything but at the same time if I tell you from my experience if you ask me I never felt that I'm struggling for something I always end up enjoyed my path from where I started and from where I'm right now I always enjoyed it I never felt that okay I'm doing something which is like make me feel that I'm struggling for something no man if you're in love with something if you love your job what you're doing you never feel like doing struggle or something it's the same thing if you wanna try something new if you wanna try like singing or guitar or something if you really enjoy it you won't feel like you're struggling with it no you won't people most of the time they make a routine for themselves like an hour okay daily they're gonna do some dance and they're gonna play some music or guitar or whatever they're gonna learn in their life every day sometimes it's it becomes mechanical and that's not a good thing so always do what you feel like doing okay on the right way I don't think so you'll feel like doing struggle for something no I don't think so. So I never felt that.


What was the role of your family in this journey?

So I started this Germany from Delhi and that time I was in my final year of B-Tech exams, a B-Tech and degree and I was doing my job in Delhi as well as a civil engineer and then I was doing something for myself I was doing something that my parents feel better and they feel proud on me okay their child is doing something by their own okay so how I came into this industry I won a competition Elite model I'm the winner of Elite model and that's how I got entered into this industry and they took me international to represent our country and suddenly a night after a night everyone in this industry they started knowing me and they started calling me for the project and everything so my journey is like quite like quick like in a night something happened and I just reached somewhere So it was like that so for me my family always spotted me because they believed in me that he will do something in his life he will definitely do so they always behind me and taking care of me not financially ofcourse I was able to make myself survive in a situation in financial and everything so I was capable to do that so I never asked for anything from my family but just for the support that they are standing behind me anything will happen in my life no one knows what gonna happen but they were always behind me and they'll keep supporting me emotionally, mentally okay so your family is your strength keep them with you always share with them everything if you're finding any any problem in your life to share with them that you're they're your strength okay in any profession it's not about modeling or something in any profession just keep your family with you guys just talk to them they're your best friend they can teach you and they can tell you the best thing what is suitable for you guys because they have lived more than you okay so though they know the world better than you so just this just share you never know something will click and that can work for you that might work for you okay so family is very important for me also in my whole life I love my family I'm so close to them so yeah it's an important part.


What is your strength in career growth?

My strength in career growth you can say my confidence it's not about looks it's not about anything that you reach on your looking rates or whatever it is no it's the confidence how you're carrying yourself in front of camera in front of people it's all about carrying yourself if you're wearing garments and how you carrying yourself that makes it makes you a better model on the ramp how are you gonna take it okay how are you gonna keep yourself in other size that's in your hand how are you going to work on it how you're going to handle it how going to carry yourself in front of the people because it's a totally entertainment industry it's look good feel good people start liking you it's not about looking it's about talking as well okay if you talk well if you're honest with yourself if you talk well if you make friends around you and you are confident in yourself I think you're gonna work it quite good if you're gonna yeah so my confidence is my strength always yeah.


Any piece of advice that you would like to give to our aspiring models?

I think I have already told you guys about what all you need to do and what all you should not do so maybe I'll revise for these questions again so just be with yourself be yourself don't be fake don't copy anyone you can inspire you can get inspired from someone but don't copy okay always follow your path always exploit yourself always go with your intuitions carry your confidence okay if you wanna become if you wanna achieve something in your life whatever it can be it can be any profession it's not about modeling it's about how you carrying your confidence in other people in front of other people that matters and yeah so these are the important things never copy anyone you can get inspired don't be fake accept yourself that's the best thing I have ever learned in my life acceptance in every situation if you accept start expect accepting things won't hurt you think things won't make you feel down if you start expecting accepting things will become easy for you okay so accept it on every situation and carry your confidence that's all and be okay so there's a statement for you guys I think that will work be at the right place at the right time at the right moment okay so especially in this industry you have to be at the right place at the right time on the right time and right with the right people so of course contact is also very very important because if you won't be there at the time where you need that work we're gonna help you guys know so in starting just go with the flow whatever you feel like doing just do it you want to become a model go for it man but the intuitions should be very strong okay if you have any doubt you should ask yourself you should do it or not okay so this is all for now and maybe I'll see you soon guys on live chat or somewhere you can follow me on instagram I keep talking about a lot of things uh spiritual and how to do modeling and stuff if you ask me questions and of course I'll try to give answers for everything yeah and my insta profile is "uh malik 93" you can search me over there and you can ask me any questions I'll try to reply okay but I think almost every answer basic answers I have already given to you so hope this will work for you guys okay till the time take care enjoy your life

happy current day be safe be home okay and all the best guyz!




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