What is beauty according to you?

According to me beauty is skin-deep anything and everything is beautiful for you I think first ask if a person can be beautiful somebody's nature can be beautiful somebody's hair can be, somebody's skin can be beautiful like they always say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but I think with our eyes we find everything you would feel because our job is to make people feel beautiful being positive we want to be loved so I feel everything is beautiful when you spread a lot to laughs but a lot positivity a lot gently care you could be beautiful and making your parents happy could be beautiful make your parents loved feel belonged it could be beautiful and doing something nice for somebody it could be different forgiving for somebody so I think beautiful is beauty is such a lovely divine statement we only look at the external beauty of a person we never look at the internal beauty. So for me I think what you see externals not it's just the facade is just yes we want to look glamorous but main thing is your soul has to be beautiful your inside has to be you through your heart has to be beautiful I think it's a whole package of your heart, mind, body and soul if you feel beautiful from within you will beautiful all the time you'll get over all your complexes all your insecurities I think beauty is just not one easy but like I said beauty has to be from within because if you look at beauty from yourself from within you'll find everything that is beautiful that comes across you so please redefine your statement of beauty.


You have an incredible career where do you get your inspiration from?

My career has taken me to leaps and bounds but there's a lot of hard work there's a lot of focus there's a lot of dedication there's a lot of sacrifice my darlings people only look at the bigger picture but they do not look at all the work that goes into making a person that she or he is people are always very critical but I think when your past it you're focused you're determined you are a go-getter in life you can achieve whatever you want I believe it that sky is the limit so I think I get my inspiration from everybody right you know whoever successful with a nice person I get a lot of inspiration from my father and mother who have really brought me up with so much of dignity love and care to be to be Who I am to choose my profession or to choose my personal like the way I dreamt off and to be the way I am to accept me but so much of the love and humidity so I feel inspiration is a lot from my parents definitely and I think when you're a makeup artist you were born creative it's a God's gift that you know you look at beauty in everything you start creating you know vision in your mind and you play with colours thank you have been a very good student from school have been a great artists have been backward in drawing very good academically and can you believe it I've been a chartered account which I was very hard-working it was good in study that thing I would say thanks to my parents and so yes I think I feel inspired and everybody who's successful everybody hard-working but definitely my true inspiration was from Bollywood because I've been a Destiny's Child I would say have always grown up watching Bollywood films as a child and it was always like a vision for me that oh my god do I ever fit into this line or will I ever get a chance to do something and trust me when I was a chartered accountant but also to practice a little makeup without prior training but luckily it kind of all fell in place with my hard work that I went to America or Miami and graduated from the beauty school of America in hair and makeup and costume styling and today I'm proud to see their work with all the celebrities and Bollywood beats were Aishwarya, Sonam, Katrina and alia but your own honesty Sharma but yes I think you have to be inspired with all these peoples and you should take inspiration from all the good things in life and also learn your lesson with the dignity and never give up I think that’s your protocols that what you should do.


How long have you been working as a makeup artist and how did you get break in the industry?

I have been Pressley in this chosen curry of mind from the past 25 years this is my 25th year in Bollywood in the beautiful world of hair and makeup in the beauty business where I have been kind of freely enjoying every minute and appreciating having a lot of gratitude to the universe to my parents to God to my fellow colleagues to my assistants to everybody to my body with strong my actresses all my beautiful brides out there so I think I have definitely kind of you know be in your for the past twenty twelve years and I still try to update my knowledge I still try to do a lot of things which I enjoy and I try to take a lot of inspiration from different different things on you know how can you still better your craft happiness to kind of update your knowledge so we all still go abroad still try to update our knowledge time to time and try to work even better and like I said I've always been a go-getter from childhood have always been very persuasive very I would say the right word is a very pushy very are kind of hard-working I do not give up so soon yes life is you know a roller coaster teaches you ups and down that makes we're going to grow to do better and better but like I the minute I came from America that spent past 21 years back I remember I used to grow up a lot of the advertising industry as a make birds as a hair such a download of costume styling that time and I got my first big break where I got a call from or Mohammed own car because my name was recommended to her through photographer and I got to do every movie don't he love it with the clam element of the movie I did a song in that then I did PR to Nicki I did so many movies with her and then I got issue arise first coca-cola ad with one of the ad directors who kind of fell that I could fit the bill and luckily during that phase were Malaysia were the ruling queens of Bollywood and they never once asked me for a trial they just went with the flow of what somebody recommended me and kind of they love when they met me for the first time you know they just felt that yes she's gonna do a great job and I think somebody underlined my confidence my attitude my first of nature I think we probably said that have a very humble positive or around me which is thanks to my parents because my mommy is a brahmakumaris you should always meet us meditate early morning at 3:30 a.m. you just called the Umbra the whaler time where we kind of bloody pray to the universe of gratitude for love appreciation and just to make the world a better place to live in so I think when you're that dedicated you know success has to come in leaps and bounds and but you have to be dedicated to your work of to be honest to your work you have to give your hundred percent all the time never be lazy never give up try try try till you succeed so this is how I got my first breaking body with thanks to Urmila and then it was just it went off everywhere right from the Picardy so now I'm to cut three not to poly or to everybody but yet I think one good job multiplied the other job but still it was competition until we have a lot of competition but I always try to better myself at my craft keep my Calm be humble and be creative.


What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to a woman?

Thankfully today I'm a makeup artist a celebrity hairstylist a celebs diva a skin specialist of perfectionist for grooming people in the corporate world Bollywood world writer world today I'm supposedly the Bollywood and the bridal queen in the bridal market where I work with Nita Ambani the Ambani wedding I've done the Mittal wedding. I've run a lot of clients probably to say all around the world with NRI so I think what I have maintain always is my signature style which is very less dewy makeup dewy skin you know makeup that looks like second skin so that's what I think keeps me going and that's what makes me are kind of you know better my craft and also I feel that are the most important Beauty advice which I give all my clients whether it's a bride-to-be whether it's a corporate lady whether it's a Bollywood girl that less is more according to me always less is more you cannot plaster too much of makeup, makeup has to be like second skin may come as to kind of just you know cover your flaws that enhance your features not pull you down not make you look back they should not make you look ultimately all the collapsing lot of time and people put makeup they put so much that it makes them look more older than they are get to maintain the freshness the softness of a personality and always understand your personality so when I talk to a client the beauty advisor I tell them is that what is your comfort zone what makes you comfortable if you feel highlights me to comfort you to hide a bit you feel you don't feel comfortable highlight be with the way your hair is Karla's make some be comfortable so always tell you of this beauty advises that please maintain your skin because nowadays if you see non nowadays but always what I have done is that always done 80% of skincare and 20% of makeup on that what happens the whole finished product comes looking flawless beautiful and not cakey because if you see is every the time and body brackets put so many layers of foundation that is just you couldn't be able to identify that on camera on screen that oh my god she bangs so many layers of makeup but today if you see the whole of Bollywood is taken in about turn where all the girl be the yes to go like Madhuri Aishwarya or you see the new generation they all have very less foundation very minimum base yes into their eye makeup to do the hair or they do their lip colors according to the style statement that they want but I think the most important is that your skin has to be very flawless but very minimal makeup that doesn't look like makeup you know people can't kiss and tell that's a whole you know story behind it so I feel that's what is very important and the beauty advice again which are now free to people is that enhance your personality which comes out or sometimes you don't you know if you look a little strict do not kind of leather strip the shore but look happy look pleasing because I think that's what makes you look beautiful mixture of pleasing makes people want to be around you so I feel you know I actually just to boost your confidence that's so important that's one advise which I could all that client that just boost your confidence feel yourself than you know a lot of people we do not look one wanna look like somebody else which is so true because it even if I undo my makeup I do not look like a wreck or look like overtly done up I like to look softer me on that always be my style see but all the beauty brands when I do that you what they always say that yes oh just a signature style is the no makeup in law because I do not like to do to OTT or experiment too much with makeup because I know if it looks garish so always you know simplify your style statement always look softer look approachable look pretty you look beautiful like if you see as far as makeup was always being soft and pretty if you think arena caps makeup is always been soft and pretty she never tries too hard to do something like Katrina one good example of it says she never tries when black smokey eyes are doing too much black are aligned and she only sticks to Brown because she knows that works for her so I think what works for you is your beauty style statement and stick to that and just enhance your personality and we got you and people beautiful inside out.


What advice you can give to the prospective students thinking about an education and career as makeup artist?

First off I'd love to see that me Ojas rajani I have my own Academy in Mumbai in Bandra West from the past ten years where I grew a lot of students to become make parties hairstylist kid care specialist or just you know grooming specialists also I do a lot of grooming for like it's at the corporate world so I run this Academy full-fledged and I train people personally and also right now be doing a lot of online master classes which is all over my Instagram so my Instagram is gorgeous Rajani and I have a Facebook fan page well celebrity makeup artist and a Sarasota's Rajani where I keep on updating about my you know professional courses all the time so that one bit our advice which I'd love to give budding makeup art so people who want to make a career in this that there is room for everybody so never first puppy insecure that oh my god there's already so many people have liked it and have I get were up first but we focus be confident never take negative a career when you stink positive you know things work out for a great future or if you matter what I feel in like what you manifest is what you get you are so universe what you want the universe is you are to give you everything like the good example I remember when I was College I have to watch my like auto run you know doing the MTV grannis war between music be chance Malaika to do her makeup and I actually got a chance to work with Malaika what 20 years back till now I've done best of my like our songs movie campaign the ad campaign I think when you manifested oh my god I should get this the universe always gives you like my mother always says that shadow heart valley kibosh magnus he means no heart well hominid a human being instead of asking a human being was to hands us somebody has a thousand hands and thousand times in the of god are supreme so he always my mother always taught me that ah bees no hot valley keep ask mommy says a chai has our heart merica past mambo and he will fulfill all your needs and your requirements and your dream so when you dream big i think you know what your dreams fulfill eyes you've been a very example of Cinderella Cinderella always dreamt big though she was treated so badly by her stepmother but she always dreamt big that she actually found her prince charming who took at the palace so I think you have to think for yourself as a dreamer believer you don't believe in yourself or believe in what you want to do because I think when you pick up your choice that yes I want to become a makeup and I want to become a hair stylist then go full on with it then there is no ifs and buts so there's no going back and like I said see life will have it little struggles initially or like obviously life is like a roller coaster there is an up and there's a down up intimate enjoy the ride do not be frustrated to not give up or do not feel oh my god rejected or dejected we all go through sometimes a little bit of rejection but that's okay I think when you fall you always again get up and start running faster like this your throat price is very slow but always runs the race and you know the door rabbit is very fast but they say a slow and steady wins the race which is actually true and look at everybody's hard work getting spine but all the people who are in the industry see how much of hard work they put in how much of a dedication they put in you know tap your potential also trying to tap your creativity do a lot of online researching or go and practice because when we teach in my Academy what I do is I practice with your students every day so we have model to come I do half the model space and make my students do the other half so that's how the Han star moving they start getting confident they don't be scared of they don't be shy oh my god what is she talking about my makeup is miracle boy they cry at soccer you don't give a damn about the world you will stay focused due to your job and everything will rock fine you know what I'm saying so that's how between my Academy like a servant men be doing hair or makeup I do half the model space and make each and every student do the other half then I make them practice on each other that you've got your director who Nikhil just I know because some people are like oh my god we like you to do it but I do it and I'll do an example of me I always guys I come on myself as a Destiny's Child because I am destiny shocked because when I should go for an exam I should just study I with full confidence and just you know come out with flying colors and the mother so obviously my god is so confident and I so obviously mom I guess because if I go scared high-pass or weakening actually concur you go in that shaky mood so you're manifesting your own environment right field of your manifesting positive atmosphere a possible my environment you will go there positively and come out with flying colors but it up there things also saying after Doug reality my budget so please guys with my pressure request please follow your with dedication honesty and on the goodwill of everyone but don't forget to love your parents look after your parents because I think that's the biggest blessing monkey das a Jeanette Miller at the air today I'm a living example I look after my parents of my babies and today that's why I'm happy I'm successful and I'm grateful so please pray for all my parents lives and give them a healthy life God and always keep us happy and god bless you.


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